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5 household appliances which energy consumption can easily be reduced

By May 17, 2016 No Comments

Many people simply have a preference for the appearance of solar panels vs wind turbines. With solar panels, they’re often installed on the roofs of homes. Some people don’t mind the way they look — may even love the way they look! — while others find it unattractive. The same goes for wind turbines: some people would find the large turbine and the tower objectionable; others don’t mind. It all comes down to personal preference… and of course, trying to fit into your community. Some neighborhoods may not be amenable to the look of either solar panels or wind turbines since it doesn’t match the aesthetic appeal of the rest of the community.

On the question of whether wind generator versus solar panels is better — it just depends on your location, usage, and preferences. Both forms of power are clean and renewable, both excellent environmentally-friendly alternatives to traditional energy generation. Love both forms of energy? Consider a combination system that utilizes both solar power and wind power.